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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting pt. 10 (bi-high school)_______________10_________________For the time being, though both were fully erect, the boys knew they needed
a break from sex at the risk of being overstimulated. “What do you want to
do?” asked Gary, still lustfully staring out the window at the girls who
were still kissing gently but also seemed to be winding down.”I know we gotta stop,” said Greg weakly, “But, I mean, shit…” he added
as he gestured out the window. “I may never see anything like this again
in my life. How can I stop watching it?”Gary nodded his head wistfully in agreement but then suddenly cried “Holy
shit! Wait!”, whacking himself on the forehead with an open palm. He ran
from the closet, still pantsless, and out of his room into the hall, his
erection bouncing stiffly with each movement. “What the fuck…?” Greg
thought to himself, a little concerned that Gary had realized that they
were in some sort of trouble, but after a moment Gary burst back into the
room and shut the door, carrying a small bag.”My Preteen Little Nymphets dad’s video camera!” he exclaimed triumphantly. “This is too fucking
perfect! We won’t miss anything that’s happening out there, we can watch
it whenever we want, and it’ll give me something to hold over Jamie’s head
to cancel out what she saw yesterday!”"Awesome!” agreed Greg happily as Gary set up the tripod to window height
and set the small 8mm video camera on top. He Preteen Little Nymphets looked through the
viewfinder and started recording immediately, as Carolyn was now again
kissing Jamie like a starving person, her right hand covering Jamie’s
crotch and two fingers plunging deep into the wide open hole. Jamie broke
the kiss only to throw her head back, a look of absolute ecstasy on her
face. Gary zoomed in, surveying Jamie’s pulsating genitals, then panned up
to her face, then panned down Carolyn’s lithe form, Preteen Little Nymphets lingering on her wet
looking pussy as her Preteen Little Nymphets hips trembled with as yet unfulfilled lust. Having
highlighted the girls’ bodies for posterity, he then pulled back to a
two-shot, leaving a bit of space at the edges in case they were to move.
Once established, he moved away from the camera and said “Cool. We got
jerkoff material for the rest of our lives already on there, but let’s go
back out and shoot some hoops or something.”Greg said “ok” absentmindedly, but was transfixed by the scene on the roof
and slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth over the still engorged head
of his penis. “Dude,” said Gary, tugging on Greg’s shirt, “Whyn’t you
leave that for later–we can watch the tape and do whatever–give it a
rest?” Even as he gave the advice, Gary’s eyes were rooted to his friend’s
attractive erection, and his mouth started to water a little as the shiny
head appeared and disappeared under its foreskin. After a brief pause, his
resistance evaporated and Gary fell to his knees in front of Greg,
replacing Greg’s hand with his own as Greg continued to stare out the
window. Carolyn was now on her knees, her face buried in Jamie’s crotch,
licking her swollen clit furiously as Jamie’s hips bucked up and
down. Carolyn’s perfect ass was raised in the air, her succulent pussy
visible and open between her gently rotating hips. Greg looked down at
Gary in front of him, smiled, and put his hand lightly on Gary’s head,
guiding it toward his erection. “Ohh, fuck yeah, Gar…suck my cock,” said
Greg breathily, and leaned against the wall totally losing himself to the
sensations coursing through his groin.Gary pulled the swollen head of Greg’s penis into his mouth, savoring the
hard-softness of the head, swirling his tongue around it and moving his
mouth up and down the hot, solid shaft. This was just too cool, he
thought; sex was amazing, and as turned on as he was by the girls and
anxious to try it with one, he didn’t think he could ever turn down a hard
cock if the opportunity came up. Greg was lost in the overwhelming
pleasure of Gary’s warm mouth on his excited sex, and started to pump his
hips slowly in and out, moaning softly. He couldn’t believe how excited he
still was after coming three times, but he could already feel the sperm
boiling again in his big balls and the tingling start in his extremities.
“Oh, keep going man, I’m gonna come in a minute…” Gary gripped the base
of Greg’s large organ tightly, jacking it back and forth into his mouth
while slurping the juices from the swollen head, excited to be bringing on
Greg’s orgasm so quickly. “Ohhhh, keep going…keep going…ooohhh, gotta
come…gotta come…oohhh this feels so fucking good…oohhhhhhhh fuck!”
Greg cried as his orgasm took over. Gary felt Greg’s penis engorge even
further and become absolutely rocklike between his lips as Greg’s hips
thrust forward and his cock pulsed strongly, and Gary felt the warm rush of
semen hit the back of his throat as Greg ejaculated, crying out in passion
and release. Gary swallowed quickly as he felt another pulse, once again
filling his mouth with warm cream, and again, and yet again before the
throbbing abated and the spurting slowed to a flow. Gary rocked back on
his heels, letting Greg’s cock out of this mouth and watching it bob up
slightly past horizontal, still pulsing weakly, sperm running down the
length of the shaft as the erection slowly subsided and Greg sunk to the
closet floor in exhaustion. Gary swallowed what was left of the ejaculate
in his mouth, noting that while it wasn’t his favorite taste in the world
the experience was too cool to miss, and it was better than having Greg
shoot any more sperm into his closet. He couldn’t believe the amount of
come the guy produced–he must be almost dehydrated by now. He looked
over at Greg sitting on the floor in the corner, his penis finally mostly
soft with the foreskin rolled fully over the head but still lightly leaking
juice, a dazed look on his face. “Can we go out now?” Gary asked.Greg just smiled weakly.********************
The girls were finally winding down, their kissing slowing to a deep,
sensual making out, their bodies completely intertwined and touching in
almost every Preteen Little Nymphets way possible. Though they continued to grind their (for now)
satisfied crotches again the other’s thigh, that had also diminished to a
slow roll. “I really can’t believe I’m doing this,” said Carolyn with a
giggle, “This is like the best drug I can imagine–even though I never
did any–it makes you feel so amazingly good, it gives you so much
energy, and then it relaxes you so much you can barely move. It’s like a
bunch of drugs all at once.”Jamie rolled slowly onto her back in a semi-collapse. “No kidding,” she
replied. “I could totally just fall asleep right now but I don’t want to
because I’m having too much fun. I mean, I’ve had sex before, but I’ve
never been that totally into it, you know? It’s like I didn’t care where I
was, or what time it was, or what else was going on around me.”"…Or who you were with?” asked Carolyn, sounding a little hurt.”Oh, definitely not that, honey,” said Jamie reassuringly, reaching over to
hug her friend. “I think it’s BECAUSE it was with you that it was so good.
I mean, I already loved and trusted you as a friend, so adding the physical
part to it just kind of rounded it out, you know? The funny thing is how
easy we could have missed all this, too–I guess it was a right-place,
right-time thing. I was really horny this afternoon and I guess you were,
too, and Preteen Little Nymphets if you hadn’t trusted me enough to come to me with a problem this
might never have happened. So I think it started in a good way–I’m not
sure I would have ever thought of doing this with you otherwise, or even
known how to start if Preteen Little Nymphets
I HAD thought about it.”Carolyn was smiling, but then Jamie noticed her lower lip start to quiver
and a tear rolled slowly down Preteen Little Nymphets her cheek. “What’s wrong, Cary? Don’t you
believe Preteen Little Nymphets me?”"It’s…not…that…,” Carolyn said haltingly. “I’m… afraid if you know
how this really started you’ll be pissed at me. You know…you weren’t
just independently horny when I knocked on your door…I…kind
of…MOLESTED you…while you were sleeping.”Jamie laughed and sat up, giving Carolyn a playful swat. “What the hell
are you Preteen Little Nymphets
talking about, you goof?”Carolyn wiped her tear and smiled slightly also, seeing that her friend
wasn’t upset with her, and unleashed a nonstop torrent of explanation:
“Well… I actually got to your house about fifteen minutes before I
knocked and woke you up. I let myself in `cause nobody came to the door,
but I knew you were home `cause your gym bag was there, you know? So I
went upstairs looking for you and I came in your bedroom and you were
sleeping but your bottom half was pretty uncovered and that was the first
time I had a chance to look at you without you knowing it. And, well, you
know what you look Preteen Little Nymphets like and everything and I was so horny already that I
just…well, I had to touch you and as I was touching you everything
started growing and that made me even hornier until I thought I was going
to SCREAM and then you rolled over and your…your clit was so big and
throbbing and it looked like you were going to wake up…and I panicked and
ran out into the hallway. And that’s why I didn’t have any underwear on
when I came back in.”Jamie looked blankly at her friend for a moment and then broke out into
hysterical laughter. “You’re so damn cute and innocent I could just eat
you, you moron! You think that’s the only reason I was horny when you came
in? Well, I guess it’s part of it, but why do you think I was sleeping? I
was sleeping because I had just jerked myself off to two completely amazing
comes about a half hour before you got there because of what I saw
earlier…” Jamie stopped quickly, aware of what she had just said.”What?” pushed Carolyn. “What did you see earlier? Come on, if I can tell
you something embarrassing like I’m horny but too stupid to know what to do
about it there’s nothing you can’t tell me.”"It’s not that…if it was just about me I’d tell you, but this involves
somebody else who’d really be pissed and disappointed with me if I told
anybody.”"Is it somebody you’re having sex with? `Cause I noticed you said you’d
had sex before and I wondered who with…but I guess you don’t have to tell
me that if it’s uncomfortable or weird…,” Carolyn trailed off
disappointedly.”No, it’s not that–I kind of had sex with Bob Fields, I mean we were
going to…I gave him a few hand jobs and he fingered me until I came once,
but the one time we were going to actually do it I got my pants off and as
soon as he saw me naked he came all over his shirt like the minute I
unzipped him and then he left all embarrassed and we never tried it again.
And then I used to fool around with Margie Clarendon sometimes back when we
were in eighth grade.”"No kidding, Margie?” said Carolyn with some wonder. “I always thought
Margie was really pretty. She was a year older than us, right? Whatever
happened to her?” Margie was a tall, beautiful brunette cheerleader who
was known as the “class fox” when she was in eighth grade and the girls in
seventh.”She moved at the beginning of our freshman year. It was probably a good
thing, really–I think she liked me a little too much, if you know what I
mean, and I wasn’t ready for it at the time. She was always trying to
stick her hand down my pants, sometimes in really risky places like in the
pool or at the park. I did let her finger me in the stands at a football
game once–we kind of had a blanket over our legs, but it was really
stupid–my jeans were too tight to get her hand into so she made me pull
my jeans halfway down my thighs. I must have been horny enough because I
did it, but shit–the bottoms of those stands are open, so anybody down
below could have looked up and seen everything. But she really tried every
chance she could get…I tried to keep her from doing it, but you know how
easy I get worked up and all she had to do was touch my crotch and I’d
start getting wet, and once I’m wet it’s really hard to say no.”"I guess you just started earlier than me,” said Carolyn thoughtfully, “I
really wasn’t aware of my sexuality until a few months ago–I mean I
guess now that I know what it is Preteen Little Nymphets I did get excited sometimes when I was
younger, but it always went away. Recently though I was getting horny all
the time, and really wet too as you know, but god, what torture to not know
what to do about it. Did you ever do anything to Margie?”"A few times I guess, but it was like she cared way more about doing me
than herself. I did go over to her house once after school when her parents
weren’t going to be home until late, and that was the only time we ever got
completely naked with each other. She had a totally rockin’ body for a
freshman, like perfect, and she showed me how to do oral on her–that’s
where I learned it, not that it isn’t pretty logical. I mostly remember
that she had no pubic hair at all, which I thought was really strange for
somebody that age–I don’t know if she shaved or if she just didn’t have
any yet `cause she was really smooth; shit, I had some by then and I was
younger–and she screeched really high Preteen Little Nymphets when she came, which probably
explains why she never wanted me to do her more.”Carolyn sat in silence for a moment, idly stroking her vaginal lips.
“Wow…just thinking of the two of you doing stuff makes me wet again. I
thought she was the hottest girl I had ever seen back then, and I think
you’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen now. So do you think she’s a total
lesbian?”"She probably was, and is–like I said, she seemed pretty obsessed with
me. It was kind of a turnoff somtimes, but I did like the feelings.”
Jamie took a breath and paused a moment. “And what about you, my dear?
What do you think you are…sexually?”Carolyn’s eyes got big as she thought about the question, and she looked a
little scared. “I…don’t–really think I know yet…I mean I just had
sex for the first time yesterday, and I’d never even masturbated before
that…so how would I know? I mean I love being with you and all and I
know I love you and that makes it better–you turn me on instantly and so
much I can’t control myself, but I’ve never been with a boy…I thought
seeing Greg’s cock before was pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it
again, or at Preteen Little Nymphets
least somebody’s…”Jamie sat up cross legged and looked appreciatively at her friend, still
stretched out fully on the roof with her upper body propped up on her
elbows, her beautiful long orange-blond hair blowing slightly in the warm
breeze, and thought how stunning she was just then and how much she had
apparently learned in the last 48 hours. “You know, you’re a pretty smart
girl for a redhead,” Jamie said, and dodged the bitchslap from
Carolyn. “Usually somebody’s first sex isn’t as good as what Preteen Little Nymphets
we’ve done the
last couple of days–I think there’s generally a lot of fumbling around
and awkwardness, like me and either Bob or Margie–and it would be way
too easy to get totally caught up in it and get swept away. But you’re
keeping your head straight about it, and that’s very cool. I was afraid
you might get too into me like Margie did–even though it would be
different with you because we were true friends first and we do love each
other–and I wasn’t too sure about that. But now that I know that you
have an open mind I think we can really have fun exploring–we can
experiment a little bit, and always have each other. Sound good?”"Sounds amazing…but what kind of experimenting are you talking about?”"Weelllll…maybe I will tell you what got me all worked up yesterday
afternoon, if you absolutely, totally,
I-will-never-talk-to-you-or-have-sex-with-you-again, pain-of-death, promise
not to ever say anything…”"Yesyesyes…whatwhatwhat?”"Well, when I got home yesterday I caught Gary and Greg having sex.”"Noooooo waaaaayyyyy!”"Yup–totally blowing each other in the family room.”"Get out!!!! What were they doing?”"When I walked in the back door I didn’t think Gary was home, but then I
heard like some moaning or snorting or something like that, so I got real
quiet and went into the family room, and Gary’s laying on his back and
Greg’s on top of him with their heads in each other’s crotches, sucking
each other’s dicks like there was no tomorrow. Then Greg starts mumbling
and moaning pretty loud just when Gary notices I’m there and gets up quick
with his dick kind of waving in the air, and this is the cool part: Greg
sort of rocks back on his knees and starts coming–I guess he was right
there when Gary got up and couldn’t stop it–and keeps coming and coming,
like a firehose. I never knew boys could shoot so much. It was hotter
than shit, and even though I knew I should act pissed it was really hard
because I almost came I MY pants watching it.”"Omigod! You saw him shooting sperm? What did he do then?”"He locked himself in the bathroom and then went home when he got his
pants. Then I totally guilt-tripped Gary out and Preteen Little Nymphets made him jerk off in
front of me. What a hoot!”"You own brother? How did you get him to do that? Is his as big as
Greg’s?”"Well, I let him know that I was basically cool with what they were doing,
and I think he was totally relieved, but like I said I was so worked up I
guess I was inadvertently touching myself or something because he started
looking at me a little different and then he got hard, so I made him finish
it off. I’m sure he was pretty cranked anyway `cause Greg finished and he
didn’t, so in a minute he was coming too. He’s not as big as
Greg–Greg’s pretty big for his age, from what I’ve seen–but his is
cute and really, really hard looking. That’s pretty much when I went
upstairs and jerked off Preteen Little Nymphets like a crazy person–I really had no choice by
that point. Jeez, I can’t believe I’m talking about my brother…this is
really kind of twisted.”Carolyn had her middle finger well between her juicy lips by now, her
breath was coming more rapidly, and her hips were beginning to buck as her
pleasure elevated. “Ohhh, shit,” she said huskily, “I really didn’t mean
to start this again, but the thought of seeing them so wrapped up in sex
they didn’t notice you, and then your cute little brother making himself
come right in front of you is just too damn hot.” Jamie reached her right
hand over and replaced Carolyn’s with it, sinking her middle finger
immediately as far as it would go, causing a loud groan from the redhead.
Jamie then pushed her down flat with her other hand and climbed astride
Carolyn’s head, lowering her own to Carolyn’s surging groin and giving her
a long lick from the top of her opening to the bottom, pausing momentarily
to suck both inner lips into her hot mouth and flicking them back and forth
with her tongue.Carolyn was in unbelievable ecstasy; nothing had ever felt so good, and she
felt yet another orgasm start to slowly build far off in her Preteen Little Nymphets extremities.
Her eyes had been closed as she focused on her bliss, but as she opened
them she was treated to the exquisite sight of Jamie’s turgid organs less
than six inches from her face. As if seeking out the redhead’s open mouth,
Jamie’s clitoris and inner labia were hugely swollen and protruding,
leaving Carolyn no choice but to stick her tongue out for a taste. As it
contacted the meaty flesh, Carolyn could taste the flow of vaginal juices
continuously lubricating it, and was surprised to discover very little
taste overall–she had been prepared for a strong, possibly unpleasant
odor, perhaps a result of all of the fishmarket jokes she’d heard the boys
telling at school. But no–nothing other than a perfectly natural musk.
She lapped happily at the firm labia, which was less the expected
consistency of meat than that of semi-soft rubber in its currently fully
engorged state. Carolyn again became aware of her own building orgasm and
the constant moaning coming from Jamie, and as it all came together just
shy of sensory overload she moved her tongue up to Jamie’s hugely swollen
clit and sucked it into her mouth in its entirety, marveling at how
absolutely solid and hot it was. At that moment Jamie shrieked and buried
her face in Carolyn’s crotch, lapping like a fury, causing Carolyn’s orgasm
to finally burst, and she wrapped her arms around Jamie’s pumping hips as
she continued licking the large clit even through her own ecstacy. She
felt the throbbing in Jamie’s clit pause, then the organ grew even larger
in her mouth just prior to a massive surge and quick pulsing. Oh, God,
she’s coming, thought Carolyn–I know what comes next: the flood. Do I
move my mouth or just… before she could finish the thought, a spurt of
juice shot into her throat, followed by two more quick expulsions which she
swallowed down without Preteen Little Nymphets thinking as Jamie’s hips began to slow. That wasn’t
too bad, thought Carolyn–it really wasn’t that much juice, and the taste
was pretty neutral overall. She noticed as Jamie’s hips rose from her face
that her clit was still erect and throbbing, but more slowly than during
orgasm; she was amazed at what she’d learned about the female anatomy in
the last couple of days. She giggled slightly when it occurred to her that
the learning was easier when the anatomy was so outsized and visible, not
to mention about 3 inches from her face.”What are you laughing about, sexy?” asked Jamie as she swung her leg over
Carolyn and sat up somewhat unsteadily, her face flushed.”Oh, just thinking about what I knew a week ago versus what I know now, and
what a good teacher you are.”"Well, I don’t recall doing too much teaching about what you just
did–I’d say for just getting thrown into the deep end of the pool you’re
going to be an Olympic swimmer pretty soon. Let’s get the hell off this
roof before one of us rolls over the edge `cause we’re not paying
attention, ok?”Carolyn agreed, again thinking how strange it was that she’d graduated from
a one piece Speedo to a sexy bikini to laying out nude to totally having
sex outdoors all in two days. She’s almost forgotten they were outside.”I wonder where the boys are,” thought Jamie out loud as she pulled her
t-shirt back over her head. “It’s got to be after lunch, and they don’t
miss any meals as a rule. Shit, it could be dinnertime for all I know–I
wasn’t thinking about time at all.”"Wonder why,” said Carolyn with a fake smack at her friend’s shapely ass.***************The girls climbed back in the window and redressed–kind of; Jamie put
her long t-shirt back on with nothing underneath, and Carolyn pulled her
diaphanous sundress over her head, also completely without undergarments.
Noticing this, Jamie commented “Pretty risqué for you, isn’t it Miss
Conservative?”"It’s the new me,” replied Carolyn, “I liked being outside with nothing on
so much that I want to get as close as I can to it even when I’m dressed.”"Well, you’re pretty close in that sundress when you stand in front of the
window–it’s like totally see through.”"Ok by me–we’re not going anywhere outside the house. Let’s see what’s
going on outside this room.”The Preteen Little Nymphets
girls emerged into the empty hallway, the house quiet. “Well, at least
the little shits haven’t been listening at the door,” observed Jamie.
“Maybe they’re in Gary’s room.” But as they approached Gary’s open door,
it was clear that the room was silent also. Jaime poked her head in the
open door, said Gary’s name quietly, and was about to leave because of the
mess when she paused for a moment, her heart starting to bang in her chest.
“Oh, shit…” she murmured.”What?” asked Carolyn, startled.”Shit–I forgot about the closet in here,” Jamie mumbled, moving quickly
to the closet door, which was standing open a couple of inches. She threw
it open and stood dumbfounded, Carolyn at her shoulder throwing her hand up
to her mouth. The video camera was still on the tripod, pointing out the
small window. The closet reeked of sperm. “Well, it looks like we had an
audience, Preteen Little Nymphets and obviously the audience liked the show,” Jamie said wryly,
pointing to the large come stain under the window, still damp.”Oh, my God…” groaned Carolyn softly. “I’ve grown a lot and learned a
lot in the past couple days, but I’m not sure I’m ready to have somebody
watch me have sex…that kind of makes it seem really dirty.” A tear
rolled down her cheek.Jamie opened the camera and was relieved to find the tape still inside.
“Well,” she said, “At least we won’t show up on the internet if I have the
tape…and the boys won’t be able to see us again unless we want them to.”"What do you mean `unless we want them to’? Why would we ever want them
to?”"Think about what we were just saying about experimenting but Preteen Little Nymphets always having
each other. This may be our first chance to follow through. I mean, we
both think the boys are kind of cute, don’t we? And of any boys, these two
aren’t going to be pricks who tell all their friends what they saw–I
mean, my brother isn’t going to go around bragging about his sister; I
don’t think he would anyway, and with what I could tell about him he’d be
ruined for life. I just think it might be a good chance for a little fun.”Carolyn was dubious. “Wow, I dunno Jame–it’s a big step from fooling
around with your best friend to fooling around with boys, and not just one
boy at that–these boys who saw me totally naked having sex! I’m so
embarrassed!”"Well, you know one thing for sure–they already think you’re hot! Let’s
just take this tape in to my TV and see what they were watching–I bet
we’re going to like it as much as they did.”
This is unfortunately all I have for now–will work on more as soon as I
get the chance and inspiration. Thanks for all of the encouragement and
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